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TOEIC Exercise

Make preparation before taking a test

Many people who work in multinational companies often say that TOEIC test is difficult. As a matter of fact, it is not difficult because the questions or the quizzes are closely related to workplace environment. What they need to do to get high score is preparing themselves at least 6 months before taking the test. Someone with an excellent TOEIC score will get a lot of opportunities to develop his or her career overseas.

Englishland as an English learning resource website has provided a number of exercises for those who want to prepare for the TOEIC test. The exercises that learners can find are similar to the actual test but not the same. Before taking the real test, we encourage test takers to study the sample questions both in this website and in books written by experts in TOEIC test. The objective of studying the exercises is to help test takers familiarize themselves with types of questions that they will have to answer during the official test. Because getting a high score is crucial for one's career in international working environment, he or she has to answer all of the exercises before taking the test. 

During an official test, the four statements will not be printed on the answer sheet or on the test book. Test taker must see the photograph in the TOEIC exercise and listen to the recordings to choose one of the statements (not English dialogue) that best describes the content of the photograph. Test takers who have never studied sample questions or do the exercises from the TOEIC preparation books or courses may be confused with the photographs. They may make mistakes when answering the questions because they sometimes say that the speaker does not read the statements clearly or he or she reads them too fast. Test takers who have made adequate preparation before taking the test will easily answer this question. by Charles Roring


Sample of a TOEIC question - Listening Comprehension - Understanding Photographs


Look at the left picture,

Question: What are they doing?


  1. They were playing the guitars.

  2. They were dancing.

  3. They were watching music concert.

  4. They were selling the guitars.

The right answer is A. They were playing the guitars.


The left photograph shows clearly what the Papuan musicians were doing. They were not dancing, and they were not at a music shop. They were playing their guitars.


Interpret the left photograph
  1. It was a small boat.
  2. It was a cruise ship
  3. It was a passenger vessel
  4. The boat was sinking.

The statement that closely depicts the situation inside the picture is option A.

It was not a big ship so it would not be considered as cruise ship and passenger vessel. The boat was floating on the surface of the sea.



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