How to Improve your English Pronunciation Skill


#1. You can learn English pronunciation by:

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#2. When you talk to a native speaker of English, these are what you need to do to improve your pronunciation skill:

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Pronunciation is one of the most important aspects one has to master when learning English. The pronunciation system of English words is unique. That is the reason why many people say that the pronunciation of English language is difficult. The way we pronounce English words depends on how the words are heard in our ears. Therefore, it is important to listen to the right pronunciation of English language. There are several effective ways which we can do to master the pronunciation of English language properly. I will describe some of them below:

Pronunciation from Native English Speakers
When you watch an English program whether it is a lesson, pronunciation practice or just a film, pay attention to the lips of the native speakers, how they pronounce words, how the words are spoken, the intonation, stress, and how vowels heard in your ears.

Watching TV broadcasts in English
Today’s technology has helped modern society in many ways. One of them is the availability of a lot of television stations that broadcast their programs in English. Even non-English speaking countries such as Germany, China, Japan, and Korea have English broadcasts. They do this to promote their countries to people in many countries so that they will recognize the products, the culture and the tourism attractions which they have. For English learners, the availability of television stations whose broadcasts are delivered in English is great. They can watch and listen various program in English and at the same time improve their pronunciation.

Watching English movies
If we go to movie stores, we can see a lot of English movies are promoted in affordable price in the form of VCD and DVD. We can choose whatever movies we like. For English learners, if they are serious in improving their pronunciation skill, they have to choose English movies or films that provide English subtitles. By watching English movies that have such subtitles, English learners can practice pronouncing the English words properly.

Listening to English Pronunciation
English pronunciation can also be practiced using English pronunciation cassettes or videos. There are thousands of English lessons that are available in the internet especially in Youtube. There are many publishers that offer books with such cassettes. One of them is a book entitled How to Say It. The author of the book is Philip Binham. It is published by Longman. This book is small and thin. There are two companion cassettes which English learners can play to listen to some conversations and pronunciation practice.
There are still some other ways which you, as English learners, can do to improve your pronunciation skills. Some of them are practicing your English with native speakers of English, using English learning software with computer or joining and chatting in English with people on the internet. Whatever you do to improve your pronunciation skill, you must keep in mind that the more you practice your English the better you become.

Learning English Pronunciation from Dictionary
Every English learner must have at least one good dictionary. Before buying a dictionary, first check the inside pages of the book and find if it has section that deals with pronunciation. A good dictionary must have a table which contains a list of International Phonetic Alphabet or IPA.
After a word is printed in the dictionary, its sound is usually described or explained in IPA letters. If you have master IPA symbols then you will be able to pronounce words in an English dictionary easily. by Charles Roring

important: penting
reason: alasan
pronunciation: pengucapan
difficult: sulit
describe: menggambarkan, menjelaskan
pay attention: memberi perhatian
broadcast: siaran
recognize: mengenal
tourism attraction: daya tarik wisata
improve: memperbaiki, menyempurnakan
native speaker: penutur asli

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