Learning English by Watching The Culture Express Program of CCTV 9

The Culture Express program can now be seen through cgtn.com in its culture category.

CCTV 9 is a state owned TV station of the People’s Republic of China. It broadcasts its programs in English. Besides presenting news, sports, and economic programs, the TV station has a special program for art lovers. It is called Culture Express. Through this program, TV audience can see various information about art and cultural events such as painting exhibition, opera and dance performance, as well as music concert. The program often features life story of famous artists from China too. Most of them have given significant contributions to the development of Chinese art and culture.

Because Culture Express is presented in English, English learners can understand the program easily. Through this program, we can learn English, and Chinese culture at the same time.

Chinese government try to attract more people to learn more about China through this program. It seems that the Culture Express of the CCTV 9 is quite successful in fulfilling its mission, promoting China and its people to TV audience around the world. Such program is also aired in French, and Spanish through other similar TV channels of CCTV.

I like to program very much. By watching this Culture Express, I can enjoy the Chinese contemporary music without having to go to China. In the near future, the management of CCTV is going to move to their new office which is under construction at the moment. More rooms are provided for music concert, dance performances and opera. The new building of CCTV can accommodate thousands of people. Although the new building of CCTV is higher and bigger, some people criticize it saying that, due to its unique design, the building is not safe in times of earthquake. But the Dutch architect who designed the CCTV’s headquarter stated that the building is safe.

We hope that the Culture Express Program of the CCTV 9 will be better after the whole management of CCTV move to their new office. By Charles Roring

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